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Top 33 New Mens Hairstyles in 2021

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Hi guys! You’re probably here because you’re looking for a hairstyle change and may have run out of ideas. The hair scene for guys has evolved so rapidly recently that there are just too many options to make a pick. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the 33 new mens hairstyles for you to choose from!

New Mens Hairstyles – Short Haircuts

1. Low fade

Low fade haircuts add style and elegance to your hair. With this hairstyle, the hair on both sides taper down gradually and the taper is lower on the head. 

Men Hairstyles Ideas
Photo by @raphaelbarbio / Source

2. Undercut

Undercut hairstyle first became fashionable in the 1910s, sort of went out of trend for a while, and now is back in business. Typically, the hair at the top is grown longer and styled according to preference while the sides are buzzed very short.

In this Instagram photo, the guy has his top hair slicked back. The undercut makes him appear sharp. 

Photo by @mksmilagrosalon / Source

3. Disconnected undercut

Basically the word ‘disconnected’ in this hairstyle means that the hair on top of the head is disconnected from the sides. In other words, there is a lack of transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair or buzz cut on the sides. 

The sharp contrast helps emphasizes whichever hairstyle you choose at the top – be it worn up, down, or slick.

Photo by @robbert_maldonado / Source

4. Crew cut

The crew cut is one of the most popular among men’s short hairstyles. A major advantage is a clean look. Also, you won’t need another haircut for a while. 

In this style, most hair strands stand upright. The hair is relatively flat and even profile at the top.

Photo by @thiago_lamafiacg / Source

5. Mid fade

If you’re not into either low or high fade, maybe the mid fade hairstyle is your go-to choice as it is a perfect balance. The taper cut sits just below the temples and above the ears – pretty much right in the middle of the side of the head.

Photo by / Source

6. High fade

The high fade hairstyle looks somewhat similar to the undercut as it involves a close shave along both sides and the back of the head. The transition point is pretty high up – sitting above the temples.

Photo by @yonbarber / Source

7. Side part

The side part haircut has stood the test of time and is probably the most versatile hairstyle – suiting both formal and casual occasions. What’s more? It doesn’t take long to style.

This style is ideal for thick hair, but is also doable for fine hair.

Photo by @flatmax / Source

8. Buzz cut

Buzz cut is a popular short hairstyle – commonly seen among army recruits due to its cleanliness and ease of maintenance. And have I mentioned the cooling effect of having so little hair?

Photo by @toniandguyahmedaba / Source

9. Caesar cut

The Caesar cut has got ancient origins dating back to the time of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. The hair is styled forward with a short fringe that is cut horizontally. 

This style suits those who are active and it needs little maintenance. 

Photo by @martina.carnevale_n13 / Source

10. French crop

You’re looking for a stylish haircut that needs little maintenance? French crop is for you! It is a classic style with short hair all round the head and a fringe. 

Although looking very similar to a Caesar cut, French crop’s fringe is longer.

Photo by @alireza_tehrani1990 / Source

11. Brushed back

Brushed back is a classic men’s hairstyle that is also quite dashing. Commonly seen among male models, this style requires a bit of maintenance. You don’t have to put too much gel though. Just apply a bit to keep your hair styled the way you want it.

Photo by @shear_satisfaction / Source

12. Grown out layers

For those bored with clean-cut styles, why not go for one with grown-out layers? It needs a bit of combing every day but the end product is quite worth it.

Photo by @taboohaircare / Source

Classic Mens Hairstyles – Medium Haircuts

13. Bro flow

Bro flow is a signature hairstyle for gentlemen – making you look relaxed and rugged. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you could simply comb it backwards to style.

If you have naturally curly hair, this style is just the right one for you.

Photo by @makeurbest / Source

14. Pompadour

Rising to fame thanks to Elvis Presley, the pompadour hairstyle is iconic. The basic concept is that you sweep a lot of hair upwards and wear it high over your forehead. 

The large volume of hair means you’re able to style it any way you want.

Photo by @stringsbarber / Source

15. Slicked back

Slicked back hair appeals to men who like a retro vibe and a refined hairstyle. It works well on all face shapes and you can also style it in different ways. 

Photo by @flyingpols / Source

16. Quiff

If you’re a guy that has keen fashion eyes, consider championing the quiff hairstyle. There’s plenty of hair at the top for you to style. You could make it as wavy or as messy as you’d like to. Also, this is among the most classic mens hairstyles chosen by many guys.

Photo by @max.barbershop_ / Source

17. Blowout

Blowout has taken the men’s hair trend with long tops to the next level. It is eye-catching and cool. 

The key to this hairstyle is to look as if you’ve just been hit in the face by a gust of wind. This style is best suited for thick hair texture – for example, afro hair. Those with fine hair may risk their hair falling flat by the end of the day.

Photo by @chamo_da_barber / Source

18. Comb over

Comb-over hair is vintage-looking and stylish where the hair is combed to one side. It is also quite easy to maintain. 

This may also work well for those who have a bald spot they want to cover.

Photo by @hugolartist / Source

19. Faux hawk

Faux hawk haircut features a distinctive strip of longer hair at the top and the sides are cut short. It is eye-catching, and yet not over-the-top.

Photo by @hoshi_karanjia / Source

20. Hard part

Hard part haircut is like an expansion of the side part hairstyle. It features a shaved line in the scalp that provides contrast and delivers an edgy look. 

Hard part style makes men appear modern and cool.

Photo by @birdcobarbers / Source

21. Fringe

Modern men’ve been liking the fringe as the style suits many different occasions, hair texture and length. Also, the fringe spices up the daily hair routine. 

A fringe lets a guy’s hair to fall over his forehead. You could do further touch-up by leaving it flat like bangs or adding volume.

Photo by @erykminefreedom / Source

22. Messy waves

Wanting to look sharp without the need to style? Go for a hairstyle with messy waves. If you have naturally curly hair, this hairdo is even easier to pull off. 

Photo by @menhaircutstyles / Source

23. Tousled balayage hair

Some hair stylists recommend having a balayage hair on men, especially those with medium thick hair. It even looks better with a bit of toning.

Photo by @kylekrieger / Source

24. Medium length undercut

The undercut hairstyle is currently on-trend as its high contrast nature gives the wearer a classy and refined look. Having medium-length hair at the top allows you to style it in whichever way you please.

Photo by @hairstyle_undercut / Source

New Mens Hairstyles – Long Haircuts

25. Loose waves or curls

For those with curly hair, this style may well be your best fit. For a daring look, simply fluff up your hair. 

Consider using a curling iron if you don’t have natural curls.

Photo by @menslonghairstyles / Source

26. Long and straight

A fan of the movie Aquaman? Grow your hair long and champion this look! This is one of the new mens hairstyles that went on-trend after the movie came out.

Photo by @longhairstylemen / Source

27. Long hair with part

Guys with beards are now turning to this long hairstyle. There is a part to give you that Viking look.

Photo by @longhairstylemen / Source

28. Ponytail

When your hair is long and messy, why not tie them up in a ponytail?

Photo by @longhairstylemen / Source

29. Man bun

As more guys are embracing longer hair and decide to style it, why not put them into a man bun? It gives off a tidy look.

Photo by @longhairstylemen / Source

30. Man braids

Braids for men are both stylish and low-maintenance. With proper maintenance, these buns can last for weeks. This style appeals to those with afro hair or naturally curly hair.

Photo by @longhairstylemen / Source

31. Man bun with braids

If you have long hair, why not combine both the braids and the man bun? You get the best of both worlds.

Photo by @longhairstylemen / Source

32. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks give you the look of a rock star. Or maybe you’re just wanting a look that turns heads and is unique, there you have it!

Photo by @nationhair_ / Source

33. Topknot

If you’d like to wear a man bun but your hair is a little short of a bob, try out the topknot! It consists of a smaller bun of hair sitting at the top of the head.

Photo by @longhairstylemen / @longhairstylemen

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle

Preferred length

The first thing you should make clear is the hair length you prefer – short, medium, or long. Each hair length has its own set of styles and the hair reviews above are categorized into 3 different lengths.

Whether you grow beard

Beards go great with certain hairstyles – for example, long hair with part. The combination gives off a wild style – which is exactly what some guys are looking for.

Hair texture

Hair texture is important: thick hair requires more work but it stays in shape for a long time, whereas fine hair is quicker to style but will quickly revert back to its former shape. 

Taking into account your own hair texture, you could better decide which hairstyle to go for. For example, a side part suits those with thick hair. 

FAQs of the Most New Mens Hairstyles

What is the hairstyle for 2020?

For men, the hairstyle for 2020 seems to be the slicked back undercut. It gives off a clean look, easy to maintain, and offers you plenty of room to style the hair sitting atop. 

What is a cool haircut for guys?

The pompadour is considered a cool haircut for guys. Others include quiff, high fade, side part, and so on. 

What are the latest men’s hairstyles?

The most trendy men’s hairstyles include low fade with long fringe, high fade with fohawk, high fade with loose pompadour, high fade with the hard part, and so on.

What is the most attractive hairstyle?

Opinions vary, but the general consensus for the most attractive hairstyle is the modern pompadour. It could also be caesar cut, buzz cut, and others. 

What is the most popular men’s haircut?

The most popular men’s haircut is loose undercut. It’s clean and stylish. 

Summing Up the New Mens Hairstyles

Hopefully, you’ve found a hairstyle that you like and suits your hair texture. Why not head to the barber’s shop now to get that look!

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