Harry Josh Clips Ultimate Review [2021]

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Sometimes, you just might not want to hit the hair salon to get your hair styled. 

You might want to try styling your hair on your own at home. Well, styling your hair at home is a cool choice. 

But ensure you have either the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips or the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Styling Clips or, frankly, both hair clips. 

These Harry Josh hair clips would elevate the ease of styling your hair at home. 

Our Recommendation

  • Best for waves and hair refraining: Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips are great for refraining hair strands and adding curls/ waves to the hair. Good for all hair types.
  • Best for hair drying and styling: Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Styling Clips is great for sectioning your hair whenever you use it with the best hooded hair dryer or with any hot air brush.

1. Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips

One of the best things about the Harry Josh pro makeup wave setting clips is that it is perfect for any hair type. If your hair is thin, fine, or frizzy, thick, then you can go for this hair clip. You can also use these wave clips on natural hair. 

First of all, it wouldn’t crease your hair or rip it out if you use it well. Then, it makes you feel like a professional stylist as you style your hair. Here’s why: you can try out quite a few styles with it. 

You can use it to create volume in your hair or get that bouncy curls you’ve always wanted. Also, these clips are designed with the professional stylist in mind.

Newsflash: if you are a makeup artist, you can benefit from using this hair clip. 

Do you remember those hair strands that keep getting in the way of you applying perfect makeup on your client’s face? 

Well, you can get rid of these nosy hair strands with Harry Josh wave setting clips. 

Product specs

ColorMint green
Hair typeAll hair types


  • Great for sectioning the hair
  • Easy to use
  • Tame hair strands with these hair clips
  • Great for curls


  • Could rip your hair out if you do not handle it with caution

Who should pick it?

These Harry Josh pro makeup & wave setting clips are perfect for professional stylists who want to style every hair with ease. Makeup artists can also use these Harry Josh hair clips. Newsflash: even though you’re not a hairstylist or Makeup artist, you need this hair clip in your drawer.

Final score

More Volume10/10
Lightweight 10/10
Crease Resistance10/10
Easy to use9/10
Hair Refrain10/10
Hair Sectioning10/10
Quick Styling10/10

2. Harry Josh Hair Clips Pro Tools Pro Styling Clips

Perhaps the first thing you should note about this hair clip is that it is made of plastic. And unlike the Harry Josh makeup hair clips, this hair clip is black in color. 

When you’re straightening your hair with Harry Josh straightening iron, these styling clips come in handy. With its firm grip, it can hold your hair sections in place while you straighten your hair. 

Regardless of your hair type or texture, this styling hair clips elevate the ease of styling the hair. 

Another feature you should pay attention to is how strong and sturdy these clips are. Unlike regular styling clips that can snap and break, these Harry Josh pro clips will literally stand the test of time.

When you pair these styling clips with your Harry Josh dryer, you will simplify your hair drying process. And yes, this styling clip is great for all hair types.  

Product specs

Hair typeAll Hair types
MaterialMajorly Plastic


  • Easy to use
  • Has a firm grip
  • Lovely design
  • Durability
  • Simplifies the hair sectioning process
  • Great for all hair types, including coarse hair


  • None

Who should pick it?

These Harry Josh hair clips are must-haves for professional stylists. They simplifythe hair styling process, making the hair sectioning process easy for you.

Final score

Strong and Sturdy10/10
Easy to Use10/10
Firm Grip10/10
Hair Sectioning10/10

Are Harry Josh Clips Worth Buying?

Let me make answering this question really easy for you. Yes! Harry Josh hair clips are worth every penny.

Now, hold up! We’re not saying this because Harry Josh -the celebrity hairstylist – is the brains behind the Harry Josh pro tools. Definitely not! Our response is solely based on the performance of these hair clips.

First of all, these hair clips give you the liberty to style your hair; however, you want to. Here’s a sneak peek. If you have always needed styling clips that would never leave a dent on your hair, then you should already ditch traditional hair clips and opt for one of Harry Josh pro clips. 

Of course! There’s a lot more that these hair clips can do for you beyond them, not leaving a dent on your hair.

Generally, they elevate the ease with which you style your hair. 

If you want to get a lot of hairstyling tricks done, consider using any of Harry Josh’s hair clips. 

Keep reading to discover two of our Harry Josh clips that would further simplify your hair styling process whichever style your hair is in – colored, layered, or anything else.

What’s So Special About Harry Josh Hair Clips?

Aside from the fact that the professional hairstylist made it -Harry Josh, these hair clip is perfect for all hair types and texture, including the natural hair.

How To Use Harry Josh Wave Setting Hair Clips?

You can use Harry Josh wave setting hair clips to refrain your baby hair from flying around uncontrollably. First, start by making the baby hair damp. Then, use a comb to push them towards your desired direction. Pin them. Viola, hair tamed.

You can also use them to achieve more defined waves -for curly-haired women, or have voluminous curls. 

Buying Guide – Harry Josh Clips

1. Harry Josh’s styling clips are quite firm. So, you might want to be careful while taking them out so that you do not rip out your hair in the process.

2. The hair wave clips will give you that professional touch in your hair even when you do not want to visit a salon. You just need to know what you’re doing.

3. Both hair clips are great for all types of hair texture.

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Our Review Process

We conducted our review in two ways. First, we analyzed the products individually, leaving aside any possible bias. Then, we deployed the user experience technique. Here, we looked into reviews given by verified buyers of other harry josh pro tools. We usually feature products from the same manufacturer that have more genuine, unbiased, and positive reviews.


What are the best Harry Josh hair clips?

The Harry Josh pro tools pro makeup & wave setting clips and the Harry Josh pro tools pro styling clips are the best Harry Josh clips. We chose both clips, not because of indecisiveness, because they are best for different purposes. Although they are generally styling clips, the wave setting clips is perfect for hair refraining and pin curls hairstyles. The Pro Styling clips are perfect for drying. 

How do you use wave setting clips?

Wave-setting clips are used on any type of hair (depending on the brand) to style your hair quickly. You can use it to tame stubborn hair strands that keep intruding while you’re doing your makeup. You can also define your waves with it. 

What are no-bend hair clips used for?

No bend hair clips are used to achieve different hairstyles. In design, they are not made with teeth like traditional hair clips. You can also wear them for an extended period of time without fear of them leaving a dent in your hair. 

How do you get a bend on your hair?

To get a bend in your hair, you need a few tools. With a shampoo and conditioner, heat protectant -preferably oil or silicone-based, a product that can create volume, brush and blow dryer, Harry Josh curling iron, any of Harry Josh hair clips for sectioning your hair, and dry shampoo. Once you have these tools, you are well on your way to getting bends in your hair.


The Harry Josh hair clips are undoubtedly designed to give you the best hair styling experience. From the lightweight nature to the ease of use. And let’s not forget how strong and sturdy the styling clips are. 

Frankly, if you ever get frustrated styling your hair at home, you should try the hair clips and shop some of the pro tools lines, especially if this is your first time buying this brand.

Trust me; you won’t regret it as it is worth every penny. Head over to other websites to get more information.

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