Top 10 Best Flat Irons for African American Hair in 2021

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Nothing beats a flat iron for incredibly straightened glossy hair. If you want your black hair to look straight and smooth every other day, you will need an excellent hot hair tool. No matter your hair type or texture, if it is thin or thick, sensitive or damaged, thin or coarse, there is a flat iron that got you covered. Here are some of the best flat irons for black hair:

Summary of the Best Flat Iron for Black Hair

I have rounded up the best flat iron for black hair based on hair types, affordability, popularity, and rave reviews to achieve that professional salon-quality look but protect you from hair damage and other hair related issues. 

Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair – Introduction

Whether your natural black hair is coarse, soft, curly, or thick, if you want your hair to look straight and lovely, you need flat irons for that smooth, straightened look. 

Without going through black hair history, suffice it to say black hair is one of the most challenging hair types when it comes to straightening. Most women long to have beautifully glossy, frizz-free, pin-straight tresses, and they are willing to do what it takes to achieve that look. 

There’s a wide variety of flat irons, so it can be hard to find the best flat iron for natural hair out there. You hear terms like titanium, tourmaline ceramic plate, infrared heating, microsensor, floating and flexing plates, ionic and nano, and many other words I can’t begin to elaborate on. It’s hard to be sure which flat iron is the best option. 

That is why this post has put together a little dossier of some of the best flat irons that are great for natural black hair.

Reviews of 10 Best Flat Irons for Black Hair

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron:  Premium Beauty

Starting off the best flat iron for black hair is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron. With its ultra-thin and smooth 5 inches titanium plates that aid in the conduction of heat enough, give your natural black hair a good straight texture and appearance.

Thanks to the large titanium plate, it allows for a larger portion of your black hair to be straightened quicker and more efficiently, unlike other flat irons.

Another fantastic feature of this flat iron is that it provides 50 heat settings up to 450 degrees. I love the fact that this flat iron is lightweight and easy to handle. Styling your black hair has been made easy with these babies.

Thanks to the inclusion of nano titanium technology, your hair is better-protected from damage that can occur with other flat irons. 

With the BaBylissPRO straightening iron, you can achieve any hairstyle you want, whether straight, sleek, or curly, the result is even and impressive. Thinking of the device’s durability, you have no worries thanks to their Ryton housing features that withstand ultra-high heat. 


  • 50 different heat settings
  • Quick heat-up features
  • Great for the toughest of natural black hair


  • Not ideal for wet hair

2. HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Meet the number one bestselling flat iron on Amazon with over 41,000 reviews and an almost 5-star rating, the HSI Professional Flat iron. It is the best flat iron for straightening black hair and is still budget-friendly.

Whether you have tough or coarse black hair that frizzles or you have pleasingly soft and smooth hair, the HSI Glider flat iron is one that will straighten, flip, curl, and give your hair a bouncy shine look. 

This lightweight easy to handle flat iron is made with ceramic and tourmaline technology. Combining these features boosts and multiplies the negative ions generated from the ceramic to ensure a long-lasting beautiful style and reduced frizz.

The multi-spring floating plates on the HSI Glider flat iron heats fast and moderately, making it easy for beginners and professionals to use. 

Another fantastic feature of this flat iron is the adjustable high heat temperature setting. The temperature range is adjustable from 140 to 450°F that allows the flat iron to work on any hair type. 

The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is one of the best tourmaline flat iron for African American hair for a glossy finish with the 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors that regulate the temperature.

It is also a good travel companion with its dual voltage regulator you can use anywhere you go. 


  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Fast heat-up features
  • Quality floating plate design
  • Affordable
  • Dual voltage regulator


  • Short floating plates

3. KIPOZI Flat Iron 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Hair Straightener

The best flat iron for silk presses is the KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron. A flat iron that features two heating plates made from high-quality titanium alloy delivers heat evenly and effectively.

Looking for a versatile flat iron that straightens, curls the tresses, and is excellent for styling, the KIPOZI flat iron is a perfect option to try out. 

The KIPOZI flat iron comes with a nano-titanium technology that allows the plate to heat up pretty fast in a matter of seconds, and it reaches a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Suitable for all hair types and very budget-friendly, this flat iron targets frizzes and tresses and gives you a smooth silk press hair look. It comes with an adjustable temperature heat setting with an automatic safety shut-off mode, an added plus to this flat iron. A flat iron you can use around the world, the KIPOZI flat iron, comes with a PCT heater that maximizes heat control and dual voltage. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Good for dyed black hair
  • Big LCD screen
  • Dual voltage


  • Not so ideal for fragile hair

4. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Making its way into this list of best flat iron for black hair is the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron, which is a great flat iron for fragile, prone to damage, and already damaged hair.

The Smooth Flat Iron produces millions of negative ions that smooth the hair, address dry, and lackluster tresses thanks to its high-quality ceramic plates. 

For natural black hair sensitive to heat, this Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron comes with digital temperature control with LCD, making it easy to monitor the temperature and adjust the heat depending on your styling needs. 

The flat iron comes with cushioned IsoTherm titanium plates that give extra protection to the hair and maximum heat transfer. Frizzy and coarse hair has nothing on the best flat iron for black hair by Paul Mitchell.


  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Dual voltage feature for worldwide use
  • External LCD screen
  • Titanium doesn’t corrode after use


  • No auto-shutoff feature

5. CROC Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

Next up best flat iron for black hair is the bestselling ergonomically designed Croc classic nano-titanium flat iron. This flat iron is a combination of luxury and professionalism and a top choice amongst professional hairstylists to give the ultimate salon hairstyling experience you can only imagine. 

From straightening to curling, flipping, wavy and bouncy hair, the Croc classic nano-titanium flat iron will give you a salon-quality result. What else is impressive about this flat iron?

The nano-silver technology gives the flat iron sterilization and deodorization to make it durable and practical. There is also a safety auto-shutoff feature, which many flat iron users look out for when choosing a flat iron. 

With 25 heat settings that range between 200-450 degrees, it makes use of the most advanced ceramic technology for faster straightening and curling. Croc also has a temperature control system with a unique FND digital display that maintains the accurate temperature at almost any heat setting. 

This nano-titanium flat iron is one of the most advanced flat iron you can find for beginners and professionals. It is no wonder it is on the high side when it comes to price but is still regarded as a worthy investment. The Croc flat irons are designed to use innovative and breakthrough technology to provide ultra-smooth hair with a professional touch.


  • Fast straighten hair results
  • Ergonomic feel
  • Smart ventilation system
  • Auto shut-off safety features
  • Dual voltage


  • The cord is a bit long.

6.  GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener

Hang in there, folks! We are halfway through the best irons for black hair, and next up is the all-rounder GHD classic original IV flat iron. Regarded as the hair hero from GHD, this 2019 Glamor Beauty Award winner flat iron gives you everything you need.

With over 6,000 reviews and almost five-star ratings, no wonder this award-winning flat iron has many raves when it comes to quality hairstyling. 

This ceramic heat technology flat iron comes with a single heat setting for optimal temperature control up to 365 degrees to ensure a sleek, long-lasting, hair styling look. It also comes with floating plates for that extra control you need when styling.

It has a 30 seconds heat-up time and automatically switches off if not in use after 30 minutes. 

The round barrel design of the flat iron is versatile as it gives a snag-free styling for all hair types and perfect for making curls.

Unlike other flat irons with dual voltage, the GHD classic flat iron comes with a universal voltage you can use anywhere around the world.

Whether your hair is dry, frizzy, or wavy, the flat iron glides through the hair effortlessly, leaving your hair soft and shiny. 


  • Very durable
  • Creates snag-free styling and reduces frizz
  • Works well with all kinds of hair 
  • Universal voltage
  • Auto shut-off safety features


  • Only one heat setting
  • Very expensive

7. Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Plates

One of the great things about this Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat iron is that you can use this flat iron while your black hair is damp or wet.

Unlike other flat irons, Remington achieves good results when your hair is damp or dry. This advanced flat iron tool gives you two fantastic features. 

This flat iron comes with a unique steam vent that removes water from damp hair, and while the ceramic and titanium plate straightens the hair in one swoop and protects the hair from heat damage.

Another fantastic feature of this flat iron is that it is a time saver and budget-friendly. Achieve three times faster styling with this flat iron any day.  

With 420°F high heat and 30 heat settings, it’s easy to find the right temperature for your hair – whether it’s damp or dry thanks to the wet/dry styling indicator that shows when the heat is best for straightening wet hair (green light) or dry hair (amber light). No need for hairdryers or blow dryers for your hair with this flat iron for natural black hair. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • 30 adjustable heat settings
  • Great for both wet and dry hair
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Steam vents that dry and style hair with less damage


  • Flat ironing wet hair isn’t recommended.

8. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

When it comes to a flat iron that is durable, effective, and merely affordable with a rave review and an almost 5-star rating, these qualities and more are why the Infiniti Pro by Conair is recognized as a good flat iron for black hair.

One of the best tourmaline ceramic flat iron you can find trust me, and the tourmaline ceramic-coated plates is a good heat conductor that prevents static and protects hair from damage. 

For a high-quality flat iron, the price is simply excellent. You are getting luxurious, straightened hair by spending less with the Infiniti Pro by Conair. The ceramic tourmaline produces enough negative ions that improve your natural black hair’s health and shine by delivering evenly distributed gentle heat for a smooth silk press appearance.

Whether you have challenging tresses or frizz, the Infiniti Pro by Conair will turn those frizz and tresses to smooth silk press hair. 

Another great feature of this flat iron is the extra-long floating iron plate designs and a useful heat recovery feature that allows even heat transfer for a consistent result when you apply on your black hair. 

The Infiniti Pro has a quick 15-second heat-up feature and reaches a maximum of 455 degrees that can tame the most stubborn tresses while you can also regulate the heat setting at your will. Overall, the Infiniti Pro is a budget-friendly flat iron with salon-quality features.


  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Floating plates design
  • Extra-long plates
  • Automatic shut-off features
  • Heat-resistant carry pouch


  • No digital temperature display
  • Not recommended for heat-sensitive hair

9. CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

Looking for a frizz-free hair look? This CHI flat iron will give you just that!

When it comes to the best hair straightener for natural black hair widely used by many hair professionals, this multiple award-winning CHI original flat iron is one of the top picks. 

New to a flat iron, no worries, the ergonomic feature makes this flat iron easy to use and handle. This flat iron works best with medium-thick and coarse hair due to its no temperature setting feature. 

It uses far infrared technology to avoid static and frizz and tourmaline ceramic for even heat distribution. I also love the versatile all-in-one styling feature that straightens, curls, and reduces frizz.

No matter if you have short hair, long hair, too curly hair, black hair, or any hair you have, this product straightens your hair with ease.

The exceptionally high amount of negative ions emitted by the tourmaline ceramic plates adds moisture and shine to your African American hair. It also features a flash heat recovery for faster on the go styling, and you can use anywhere in the world with its dual voltage feature. 


  • Quick heat-up mode
  • Versatile styling options
  • Dual voltage feature
  • LED indicator
  • Ion technology reduces frizz and statics.


  • No temperature setting facility
  • No automatic turn-off features in this product

10. Dyson Corrale Straightener Flat Iron

Wrapping up the best flat iron for black hair is the Dyson Corrale Straightener Flat Iron, one of the most talked-about, most awarded, and most expensive flat iron in 2020.

This flat iron can be used as a corded flat iron at home and as a cordless flat iron when in need of a styling touch on your black hair.

The Dyson Corrale flat iron is the only flat iron that uses a flexing plate that gives a more control advanced hairstyling with less heat and less hair damage.

Unlike other flat iron with either one or more than 10 heat setting features, the Dyson Corrale flat iron has only 3 precise heat settings (330°F, 365°F, and 410°F).

The manganese copper alloy material is suitable for thermal conduction. It also has a TSA-approved battery disabler, allowing you to travel with the flat iron and even use it on the plane.

There is also a sound feature that chimes when the flat iron is heating up, on low battery, fully charged, on idle mode, and when the selected temperature for your black hair is reached.  

If you love to use flat iron more than twice a week, you might want to use the Dryson Corrale flat iron to prevent less hair damage while still giving you a luxe-AF hairstyling experience. 


  • Up to 30 minutes cord-free styling
  • Perfect for all types of hair
  • Guarantee less frizz or flyaways
  • OLED Screen 
  • Intelligent heat control
  • Auto shut-off and safety lock


  • Short battery life
  • The magnetic charging cord can sometimes disconnect.

How to Straighten Black Hair with a Flat Iron: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you are a beginner or have a few ideas on using a flat iron, you must follow these steps if you want smooth straight black hair using a flat iron. Here is a step by step guide on how to straighten your natural black hair using a flat iron:

  1. Wash your black hair with a good hair straightening conditioner to remove every dirt or chemical in the hair. Flat irons work better when your black hair is clean.
  2. Moisturize your hair or use a heat protectant on your hair so that the heat from the flat iron does not cause any damage because of the heat. 
  3. Apply the flat iron on your already conditioned and moisturized hair. You can use a blow dryer, preferably than a hairdryer, to achieve this result. 
  4. Use the minimal heat temperature to gradually feel the effect and avoid accidentally damaging your hair due to excessive heat.
  5. While straightening your black hair, section off your hair to give you enough room to apply the flat iron effectively and achieve adequate results. 
  6. Separate a lock of hair after sectioning your black hair that is small enough to use the flat iron and straighten your black in one swoop. 
  7. Clamp the two heated sides not too tightly, and then slowly and steadily run the flat iron down the hair length. Ensure you keep the same amount of heat all through that hair section when you run down the flat iron.  If your hair doesn’t straighten, you can repeat the straightening process with the same heat temperature till you are satisfied. 
  8. Apply these steps to the other sectioned hair yet to be touched with a flat iron. 

How Hot Should A Flat Iron Be for African American Hair?

How hot a flat iron should be for your African American hair should be determined by the type. For example, if your hair is thin and soft, the flat iron temperatures should be between 250–300ºF. 

With medium-thick hair, the heat temperature should be between 300–350ºF. The recommended heat temperatures for thick, coarse natural black hair range between 390–450ºF.

Is Ceramic or Titanium Better for Black Hair?

Both ceramic and titanium flat irons are great for black hair, but there are some differences. Ceramic is good for black hair that is smooth and easy to straighten hair.

The plate makes it a breeze for soft natural black hair. But if your black hair is tough, long, and thick, I recommend you choose the Titanium flat iron for a better result.

Also, one of the significant challenges of black hair when it comes to straightening it is frizz. To reduce frizz in black hair, Ceramic and Titanium flat iron emit negative ions. They capture your hair’s moisture, promote its shine, and minimize statics. 

When it comes to combating frizz, titanium flat irons do a better job than Ceramic flat irons because they emit more negative ions for a quicker and more effective result. Ceramic gives your natural black hair a better smooth shine than titanium.  

What is the Best Flat Iron in 2020?

The best flat iron in 2020, according to NBC News, is the Dyson Corrale Straightener Flat Iron. According to Brydie, the best flat iron for African American hair goes to HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron, which is also Amazon’s bestseller. The best flat iron for black hair on Sephora and Allure is the GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance 1″ Styler. 

When it comes to the best flat iron for frizzy hair, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron takes the lead. Looking for the best flat iron for your curly black hair? I suggest you go for the CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. For an effortless super-sleek finish, you can try Harry Josh Pro Tools Ceramic Flat Styling Iron. 

If your black hair is thick and extended, the best flat iron to use is the Croc Nano-Titanium Flat Iron. Looking for a budget-friendly flat iron, your best option is Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Plates.

Best Flat Irons for Black Hair – FAQs

Which flat iron is best for African American hair?

The best flat iron for African American hair based on rave reviews and star ratings will be the HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. Other popular flat irons are great for natural black hair, and they include the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron and KIPOZI Flat Iron 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Hair Straightener.

What flat iron does Kim Kardashian use?

Celebrity and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian uses the Kardashian Beauty 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron for her hair. According to Elle and People, the GHD flat iron is another popular flat iron that celebrity stylist, Justin Marjan, has used for the Kardashian sisters’ likes. 
Famous hairstylist, Chris Appleton, according to Eonline, uses the Harry Josh Pro Tools Ceramic Flat Styling Iron for Kim Kardashian as well. 

How often should you use your flat iron?

When it comes to using a flat iron on your natural black hair, to avoid heat damage to your hair, it is highly recommended that flat iron on African American hair should be done once a week. 

As much as flat iron is safe and great to give your black hair a straight and curly look depending on what you are going for, it is also not safe to use on your black hair often. By adhering to this recommendation, you keep your hair healthy and durable for the flat iron. 

Best Flat Irons for Black Hair – Conclusion

Straightening your natural black hair with a flat iron is the go-to heat tool of many modern-day women. It is a known fact that straight hair has been a beloved beauty look for centuries. When it comes to styling black hair, these flat irons offer not only a straight, sleek look, but also waves and curls with the twist of the wrist. 

Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the best flat iron for you; now go enjoy your beautiful hair!

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