Best Hot Tools Brush Dryers Review

Top 9 Best Hot Tools Hair Dryers in 2021

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No doubts, hot tools are a 25-year-old brand that has never stopped being innovative with its products. Regardless of your hair type or texture, Hot tool certainly has the best hot air brush for you. Keep reading to discover the various types of Hot Tools blow dryer brush that exists

Summary of the Best Hot Tools Blow Dryer Brush

Are Hot Tools Blow Dryer Brushes Worth Buying?

Yes. Hot tools blow dryer brushes are worth buying. If you want to get an amazing hair shine, hair volume, curls, dry, and style your hair in a split second, you should get yourself one of these hot tools blow dryer brushes.

1. Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Blowout

Suffering from frizz in your hair? Get yourself this hot tools professional 24k gold one-step blowout. Simply run this blow dryer brush through your hair and watch it smoothen it out, cutting down the frizz. This oval design blow dryer brush deploys the even distribution so that you have perfect blowouts. 

And guess what? It is great for all hair types. 

As a charcoal-infused one step blow dryer brush, it uses activated charcoal to get rid of that dull look that your hair has. 

More so, it comes with three heat settings: cold, warm, and high. You can switch between either of the temperature settings by simply rotating temperature control. 

The ionic technology gets rid of frizz, giving you shiny, silky smooth hair that looks healthy too. 

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
Weight1.9 pounds
Heat SettingsThree heat settings
Design24K gold technology
Warranty7 year limited warranty


  • Activated charcoal to boost hair texture appearance
  • Saves you both money and time


  • Fragile bristles

Who Should Pick it?

Although it is great for all hair types, it is best for people with fine hair. 

2. Hot Tools Black Gold Multi-Styler Heated Brush

Turn your house into a mini-salon in a split second. Styling just got way easier and better with this hot tools black gold multi-styler heated brush. It has an amazing styling surface that prevents hot and cold spots from occurring. 

So, you’ll surely apply lots of products to your hair. While these products are great for your hair, they might be lethal for this blow dryer brush. However, it is corrosion-resistant. 

Thanks to the even heat distribution, you are less likely to damage your hair while styling or drying hair. 

You can switch between the three heat settings with the cool rotating temperature control. It allows you to dry and style your hair to satisfaction. 

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
Weight1.89 Pounds
Heat SettingsThree heat settings
DesignIonic technology
Warranty7 year limited warranty.


  • Dual voltage
  • Durable


  • Loud

Who Should Pick it?

Best for those with coarse, dry, and thick hair 

3. Hot Tools Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

Obsessed with giving you hair more volume? Try out this hair dryer brush. The ego boost mixed pattern bristles are designed to add volume to your hair. 

What’s more?

The tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz and brightens up dull hair by adding shine to it. Get professional results with this dryer and volumizer blow dryer brush in the comfort of your home. 

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
ColorPurple and pink
Weight1.2 pounds
Heat SettingsThree heat settings
DesignTourmaline ceramic technology
WarrantyNot specified.


  • Great for volume
  • The oval design gives you control while styling


  • Single voltage

Who Should Pick it?

It is perfect for all hair types. You just need to know which temperature is best for your hair type. 

4. Hot Tools Signature Series One Step Blowout Detachable Volumizer And Hair Dryer

Imagine having one tool that can perform four different tricks on your hair. By tricks, we mean fast drying, styling, straightening, and volumizing. What! That’s just insane. Imagine the amount of time and money you would have saved if one single hair styling tool could do all these tricks.

Well, guess what? Today’s your lucky day. The hot tools signature series one step blowout detachable volumizer and hair dryer is that tool that has only lingered in your imagination. Hold up! Don’t get confused. 

Here’s what I mean. This Hot Tools blow dryer brush does four functions excellently. The bristles also work to detangle the hair. Then there is the ion technology that emits negative ions to reduce frizz. 

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
Weight1 pound
Heat SettingsVariable
DesignDirect ion technology
WarrantyNot specified


  • Flexible styling
  • Fast drying


  • It is a single voltage

Who Should Pick it?

It is perfect for shoulder length to long hair. If you have short hair, this tool won’t work for you.

5. Hot Tools Gold ‘N Hot Professional For Textured Hair Ionic Dryer

If you have natural and textured hair and have been looking for the best hair dryer brush for your hair, look no further. Your savior is here. 

This hot air brush manufactured by Helen of Troy tends to the natural hair needs. It allows you to add volume to your hair while reducing hair breakage and giving you the liberty to style your hair however you want. 

It has three heat settings and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
Weight1.8 pounds
Heat SettingsVariable
DesignIonic and ceramic technology
Warranty5-year warranty


  • Flexible and fast hair styling
  • Produces healthy-looking looking hair


  • Loud noise

Who Should Pick it?

If you have natural and highly textured hair, this dryer brush is great for you.

6. Hot Tools Professional Heated 1.5 Inch Hair Styling Brush

Perhaps, the first feature of this hot air brush that should be highlighted is the fact that it is not a dryer. In other words, don’t expect it to dry your hair because it was not designed for drying hair. 

However, what this hot air brush can do is to add volume and curls to your hair

You can easily operate it. It has an ON/OFF switch and an ION ON switch that turns on both the heat and ion. 

Good news: you can travel around the world with it as it is customized with universal voltage.

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
ColorBlack and orange
Weight1.2 pounds
Heat SettingsVariable
WattageNot specified
DesignIonic tourmaline technology
WarrantyNot specified


  • Variable heat setting
  • A cool tip to protect your hand from burning


  • No auto-off feature

Who Should Pick it?

Want to add curls to your hair regardless of your hair texture? Yes? Then this Hot Tools Professional Heated 1.5 Inch Hair Styling Brush is for you.

7. Hot Tools ¾ Inch Professional Hot Air Styling Brush

With a ¾ inch barrel size, this hot air brush is perfect for people with short hair. It has a multi-vent system couple with multiple temperature settings to straighten and create curls on your short hair.

The curl release switch helps you create curls without your hair getting tangled in the process. 

To clean, simply unscrew the cool tip and viola! You get to cleaning.

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
ColorBlack and Orange
Weight15 ounces
Heat SettingsVariable
WattageNot Specified
DesignHard plastic bristle
Warranty7-year warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for curls


  • Doesn’t have a dual voltage

Who Should Pick it?

It is perfect with women with short and fine hair.

8. Hot Tools Professional Silicone 1 Inch Hot Brush Dryer

With multiple heat settings, any woman can dry and style her hair in a split second. With the 1 inch barrel, even people with short hair can also make use of this brush dryer

You can change the temperature settings via the rheostat control dial. 

The silicone brush makes it grip your hair gently and then release it to create any style you want: straight or curly

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
ColorBlack and purple
Weight12 ounces
Heat SettingsVariable
WattageNot specified
DesignCeramic design
WarrantyNot specified


  • Soft, silicone brush for gentle grip.
  • Multiple heat settings


  • After a while, the silicone bristles might begin to fall off.

Who Should Pick it?

Anyone can make use of this hair brush. If your hair is short or long, you would be able to use it because the barrel size extends to 2 inches.

9. Hot Tools ¾ Inch Brush Iron

This is more of a curling iron hot air brush. It is suitable for short hair and is great for creating loose curls

With 85 watts, the patented technology ensures that it has a fast heat-up speed. It also stays hot all through the hairstyling process for optimal results. 

Product Specs

ManufacturerHelen of Troy
ColorBlack and gold
Weight1.15 pounds
Heat SettingsVariable
DesignPatented technology
Warranty7-year warranty


  • Fast heat-up speed
  • The grip is soft


  • None

Who Should Pick it?

Women with short hair who love natural-looking, loose curls.

Here’s Why Blow Dryer Brushes Are Important For Your Hair

Blow dryer brushes combine the power of a blow dryer and curling iron. Some even straighten your hair too and give your hair that refreshed look. 

So, quickly, you need a blow dryer brush because it styles your hair in a split second. If you are a mom and a boss lady or you are single but have a truckload of tasks to do in a day and you don’t have the luxury of time to stop by a salon to style your hair, a good blow dryer brush will save you from bad hair day, especially when you need to look pretty and well put together. 

Let’s also not forget that the best hair dryer brush adds volume and shine to your hair. 

How To Use Hot Tools Blow Dryer Brushes?

Start by washing and toweling your hair so that it goes from really wet to damp. 

Add conditioner if you need to. 

Also, apply a heat protectant. But, the Hot Tools blow dryer brushes protect your hair from damage.

Plug your hot tools brush into an electric source. Then, section your hair. You can use any of the Harry Josh hair clips. As one of the 10 best things to buy from Harry Josh, these clips will hold the sections down pretty well.

Section by section, wrap your hair around the brush. Then, move the dryer down gently. 

You can create curls with the blow dryer brushes from hot tools by simply leaving your hair around the brush for a couple more seconds. Then, drag it downwards gently. 

Do this for all your hair sections.

And that’s how you use your Hot Tools blow dryer brush.

Things To Consider When Buying Your Hot Tools Blow Dryer Brush

Barrel Size

The barrel size of your hair dryer brush is very important when it comes to getting the exact type of curl that you want. It also determines which hot tools blow dryer brush would be more effective for your hair type. For instance, if your hair is thick, getting a hot air brush that is less than 1½ inch is bad news for you. You should look out for barrel sizes of 1 ½ inch or 2inches. Also, people with short hair should consider using brushes with ¾ inches. 

Heat Settings

Of course, these hot air brushes use heat to either curl, straighten, or dry your hair. But, you need to be wary of the heat level that hits your hair. It could either damage your hair or be too weak to do anything for your hair. For instance, people with fine hair do not need intense heat from a hot air brush to curl, straighten, or dry their hair. However, women with thick hair require a lot of heat.

While some hot air brushes have variable heat settings, others have a single temperature or are on present. Preset simply means that you can’t change the temperature. Regardless of your hair type, you should look out for heat settings of any hair dryer brush before you invest your money on it. Hot hair brushes with variable heat settings are ideal for you, especially if you don’t know the best temperature settings for your hair type.

Having a hot air brush with variable temperature settings gives you the liberty to play around the different heat settings until you find the best one for your hair type. Or, you could just seek the help of a professional hairstylist.  


The material of your hot tools hair dryer brush is also crucial. The majority of hot air brushes are often made with ceramic material. The reason is quite simple. Hot air brushes with ceramic materials have very high even heat distribution. It also conducts heat excellently. Other air brushes use a blend of ceramic and tourmaline material. The result is simply flawless. Aside from the even heat distribution, your hair is protected from heat damage. 


The single function of the bristles on the air brushes for heat transfer. Hence, it is important that the bristles are heat resistant. If not, they might wear and tear or be damaged by heat over time as you keep using it. But, the heat resistant feature ensures durability. Aside from your bristles being heat resistant, you also have to consider the texture and length of your hot air brush bristle.

The reason? It determines the effectiveness of the hair brush on your hair. For instance, if you have short hair, you have no business choosing long bristles. They simply would not work for you and you would most likely get frustrated. So, choose brushes with short bristles. If you have thick hair, you might want to get brushes with coarse, rather than soft, bristles. 


Simply go for hair brushes whose grip is comfortable and have the anti-slip feature. The air brush does get hot. So, you do not want it to slip out of your hands while styling your hair. That would get burns on your skin. Can you picture it already? 

In addition, ensure that the handle is not too small or too big for your hand.


What is the best Hot Tools hair dryer with brush?

The best hot tools hair dryer with brush Hot Tools Professional Silicone 1 Inch Hot Brush Dryer. It is perfect for every hair length and texture. It also has a silicone brush that is gentle on the hair. 

What is the best hot air brush for fine hair?

The best hot air brush for fine hair is the Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Blowout. It is designed with activated charcoal, three heat settings, and reduces frizz.

Are Hot Tools hair dryers good?

Yes. Hot tools hair dryers are nothing short of awesome. The brand, hot tools, has been in the business of creating hair styling tools and they create these tools with the best technologies. Innovation is at the forefront of what this brand does. 

Which is better: Hot Tools or Revlon?

The better the air brush between these two beauties depends on your hair type. If you have more curly or wavy hair that falls victim to frizz, you should go with the hot tools hot air brush. But, if you have straight hair and you want to add volume to your hair, Revlon would help. Nevertheless, both hot air brushes give almost the same amount of volume. 

Can you use a hot air brush on wet hair?

It is best that you use hot air brushes on damp hair. Do not use it on wet hair. In fact, before you use it on your hair, ensure you dry your hair with a towel. Then, use any hot air brush of your choice on it.


Of course, there are so many Hot Tools blow dryer brushes. However, so as not to get overwhelmed, there are certain factors that you should look out for. 

For example, ensure that the Hot Tools blow dryer that you choose is perfect for your hair length and texture. That is the only way you will be able to get the optimal result from any hot tools hairdryer

To get more information on the reviewed products, do not hesitate to check other websites. It would help you make a clear, precise, and well-informed choice.

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