Top 2 Best Harry Josh Diffusers In 2021

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Looking for the best diffuser for curly hair for that celebrity look? Here are reviews of the best Harry Josh diffusers in 2020 to make your selection easier.

There is none better for your hair care than a Harry Josh diffuser from Harry Josh Pro Tools. It not only makes you feel like the next Harry Josh but enables you to sort out any of your curly or layered hair problems.

Loaded with tons of benefits, diffusers for curly hair are a must-have for your best hair dryers.


Best for Hairdressing: Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser is the perfect recommendation for all types of curly hair clients may have.

Best for Frizzy Hair: Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer Diffuser has long prongs and a wider cup allowing deep heat penetration without disturbing your curls.

Are Harry Josh diffusers worth it?

If your hair deserves good care, then a nice set of Harry Josh hair diffusers for your hairdryer is worth it. Designed for perfection, this tool not cheap but worth the quality and durability.

Check out our top two Harry Josh diffusers!

1. Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser

harry josh diffuser best harry josh diffuser

If your hair is the type with dry curly locks, the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser is the perfect choice for you. This design from Harry Josh is meant to effectively blow and define such dry curls using the lower heat settings on your dryer. 

The unique design distributes heat evenly through the drying vents to your locks, drying your hair in record time. It also does a beautiful job on all curly hair types producing a flawless finish.

This Harry Josh diffuser fits firmly in your Harry Josh blow dryer and doesn’t pull off when in use. The size is average and won’t take much space in your dressing drawers.

The Harry Josh hair dryer diffuser comes at a price, but it’s a worthy investment. It will save you trips to the hairdresser every time. This construction is sturdy, and the vents won’t collapse under high heat settings.

Final score: 4/5 


  • Fits well with Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000
  • It delivers on any type of curly hair.
  • Blow dries the hair fast
  • A durable construction


  • It’s an expensive tool but worth it.

Who should pick it?

The unique vent design perfectly sorts anyone with the problem of drying curly locks.

2. Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer Diffuser

Harry Josh diffuser light pro best harry josh diffuser

This is a unique diffuser that enables you to professionally dry and has a coiled hairstyle by yourself. It’s an investment that will make a whole difference in terms of dry time and in eliminating frizzy curls. 

The benefits of the Harry Josh diffuser include less frizz, faster hair drying time from the root, better hair health, and more defined curls. However, this diffuser fits only on Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer.

Most customers love this product because it is lightweight to weigh you down. The design is also seamless for even heat distribution. And, it gets the job done easily and quickly. 

Though lightweight, this diffuser is practically solid. The plastic material is durable against high heat settings and bending. It tightly fits the mouth of your hairdryer to prevent slippage.

Final score: 4.5/5


  • It is lightweight to handle.
  • It’s easy to wipe clean.
  • Made of high grade and heat resistance plastic
  • Dries curly hair more quickly


  • It only fits Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer.

Who should pick it?

The lightweight design is convenient for anyone who loves styling their hair at home just like a professional.

Why Are Diffusers Necessary for Curly Hair?

Having curly hair is a blessing but comes with a cost to bring out its true beauty. Maintaining this type of natural hair in pretty shape isn’t easy with ordinary hair tools. A dryer without a diffuser attachment will not give you the desired result. Uncontrolled or direct hot air will only damage your curly hair.

How to Use Harry Josh Diffusers

Attaching the Harry Josh diffuser at the end of the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer is pretty easy before turning it on. Adjust the dryer to high heat but the low-speed setting for the hair to add volume and remove frizz. 

The next step is to feed your curly hair into the diffuser, holding each section for a few minutes to dry. Towards the end, turn to the flip cool button to give it a shine and set to your style with the best Harry Josh hair clips.

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Our Review Process

Our review is based on a personal analysis of individual products to give the right opinion. We also gather user experience from verified buyers of other related items like Harry Josh flat irons from the same manufacturer. The items that receive the most honest and positive feedbacks will feature in our top review.

Things to Consider When Replacing Your Diffuser

If you have voluminous hair, you need a diffuser with prongs for a stronger airflow.

If your hair is really frizzy hair, a sock diffuser is a better choice as it has gentle airflow and will keep the curls in shape.

Super tight curls need a diffuser with fingers for a gentle airflow straight to the hair root.

Lastly, compatibility is key as not every Harry Josh comb will fit well to your dryer’s mouth diameter.

Best Harry Josh Diffusers – FAQs

Is a Harry Josh diffuser worth it?

Harry Josh diffuser is worthy of construction with the best care for your hair in mind. It’s designed with modern technology and by a reputable brand that produces other top-notch items as harry josh pro tools curling iron.

Which hair diffuser is the best?

Diffusers are made differently to meet the demands for various types of hair. The best diffuser is therefore one with quality construction to meets your unique style and is compatible with your blow dryer. 

What is a universal diffuser?

A universal diffuser is basically designed in such a way that it fits on various dryers irrespective of the brand and size. But, mostly comes with an adaptor for ease of attaching.

What does a diffuser on a hair dryer do?

A diffuser is attached to the mouth of a hair blow dryer to distribute warm or cool air evenly and indirectly to your hair. 

Do I have to have curly hair to use a diffuser?

A diffuser can be used on any type of hair to distribute than to concentrate airflow in a small area. It enhances natural hair and waves, leaving the hair light and bouncy.

Best Harry Josh Diffusers: Conclusion

We love everything about Harry Josh diffusers, including the weight, the compactness, and the unbeatable performance. If you have never tried any of Harry Josh’s professional hair tools, this styling equipment will change the way you manage your curly hair. 

A walkthrough at Harry Josh brush reviews also indicates that the name Harry Josh is not just a brand but one that meets your individual needs and worth investing your penny.

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Good luck as you purchase the best hair dryer diffusers for your needs!

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