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Harry Josh Marcel Curling Iron Review [Updated in 2021]

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When it comes to travel-friendly and lightweight flat iron, Harry Josh is second to none. Aside from the fact that it makes you confident in your work as a hairstylist, the Harry Josh curling iron resolves a lot of hair struggles. Keep reading to discover why you need this styling tool. 

Summary of Harry Josh Curling Iron

  • Best for creating wavy hair: Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 1 inch. Even heat distribution from top to bottom of the ceramic plate and Marcel clamp.
  • Best for Traveling: Harry Josh Pro Tools Tools Travel Curling Iron 1.25 inch (1 piece). Universal voltage and adjustable heat settings. 

Are Harry Josh Curling Irons Worth it?

If you want to simplify your hair styling process, then you should opt for any of the harry josh curling iron. Even though Harry Josh himself is a celebrity hairstylist, he channeled his best into producing these curling irons. They are very effective, innovative, and have adjustable heat settings for your convenience.

1. Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 1 inch (3 pieces)

harry josh iron

It’s no news that hairstylists prefer to use Marcel curling wands for the fact that they do not leave a dent in your hair. Well, this curling iron from Harry Josh has a marcel clamp.

The best part is that you can remove the marcel clamp to turn the curling iron into a curling wand. This transformation is what makes this marcel curling iron from Harry Josh a 2-in-1 iron. 

If you are very particular about creating even curls, this Harry Josh pro tools marcel curling iron is one of the best for it. This ability to create uniform curls is all thanks to the fact that the heat on the plate is even from top to bottom. This even heat circulation from top to bottom of the plates is all thanks to the extra-large ceramic heater. 

More so, it doesn’t take long to reheat itself after using it on one section of your hair. As a result, you won’t only enjoy the perfect styling process, but also fast hair styling

The heat settings on this styling iron are adjustable. It runs from 190°F to -380°F. Simply set it on the exact temperature control number that is perfect for your hair type. Viola, you are good to go. 

Product Specs

BrandHarry Josh Pro Tools
Hair TypeAll hair types
Warranty2 years 


  • Lightweight
  • 50-second heat-up speed
  • Extra-large ceramic heater for even heat from top to bottom
  •  Marcel Clamp


  • None

Who Should Pick it?

It is great for women with any hair type. 

Final Score

User Friendliness9/10
Heat-up Speed9/10
Easy to Operate9/10
Adjustable heat settings9/10
Long Cord10/10
Even heat distribution9/10

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2. Harry Josh Pro Tools Tools Travel Curling Iron 1.25 inch (1 piece)

harry josh curling iron

Looking to always create amazing curls wherever you are in the world? Then, you get the Harry Josh travel curling iron. Aside from the compact size that allows you to conveniently carry it around the world with you, it works with universal voltage 100- 240V, 50- 60Hz, 50W which makes it all the more suitable for traveling. 

The 2year warranty is quite impressive. But, you probably won’t need to use it as it is reliable. 

It is designed with a nano-ceramic tourmaline plate that gets rid of frizz to reveal smooth hair.

Also impressive is the 30seconds heat up speed that this travel curling iron 1.25 inch has. In other words, once you plug it into a power source, it heats up instantly. You don’t have to wait for 10-15 minutes or more before it heats up

Let’s not forget that once it heats us, the heat is even from the top to the bottom of the ceramic plates. The effect? There would be even heat distribution throughout your hair. 

What’s more?

The temperature setting of this travel size mint green iron is adjustable. It starts from 325° all the way down to 425°F. Simply consult your hairstylist for the best temperature setting for your hair type before you proceed, especially if you have thin hair. 

The cord is a 360° swivel cord. It makes it easy for you to use this iron. 

Product Specs

BrandHarry Josh Pro Tools
Hair TypeAll hair types
Warranty2 years 


  • Fast heat-up speed.
  • Great for all hair types.
  • Auto-off feature.
  • Leaves the hair soft and shiny.
  • Compact design and great for travel.


  • The curling iron auto-off after 60minutes (one hour)

Who Should Pick it?

If you’re always on the road from one country to another, regardless of your hair type, this is one of the best curling iron you should consider buying. 

Final score

User Friendliness9/10
Heat-up Speed10/10
Easy to Operate9/10
Long Cord10/10

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Here’s Why Curling Irons Are Essential For Your Hair

If you have curly hair and want to maintain your curls while getting rid of frizz, curling irons can help.

While the obvious reason to own a curling iron is to create curly hairstyles on any length of hair, this hair tool can also be used as a hair straightener. You can straighten your hair with a curling iron. Consider adding a bit of color for a change.

How To Use Harry Josh Curling Irons

  • Start by sectioning your hair. 
  • Then, from each section, pick a small amount of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. 
  • Hold it in place for a couple of minutes before you release it. 
  • Viola! You got your curls.
  • Note that the amount of hair you wrap around the curling iron determines how your curls play out. 

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Our Review Process

We are passionate about delivering accurate and precise reviews that make it easier for potential buyers to make their decisions. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to our review process which is why we pay close attention to the testimonies of verified buyers of the harry josh hot tools curling iron. When it comes to the best hair styling tool reviews, we review products that have positive and honest customer reviews. 

Things To Consider When Buying Your Harry Josh Curling Iron

Barrel Size

The kind of curls you get from a curling iron depends on the barrel size. For example, if you want really tiny curls, then a ¾, ½, and ⅝  inch barrel size curling iron can help you achieve it. These curling iron barrel sizes are also great for creating the right curls on short hair. The common barrel sizes for curling irons range from ⅜ to 2inches. If you have medium length hair, use a 1-inch curling iron to achieve curls, etc. 


The material used for the curling iron is important. Hence, before you invest your money in any curling iron, ensure that you confirm that the heating material is suitable for your hair type. 

One of the best materials for curling iron is the ceramic and tourmaline combo. This combo is amazing because while the ceramic material generates the heat level required to curl your hair, the tourmaline plates enhance even heat distribution. 

Titanium is another great material for curling irons. 

Heat sttings

Depending on your hair type, you would require different settings. Hence, while there are curling irons without temperature settings, you need to look out for curling irons with adjustable settings. It ensures that you can smoothly adjust the heat settings while hair styling to suit your hair texture. 

A note of warning: ensure you know the best temperature settings for your hair texture so that you do not but your hair in the process. 

Automatic shut-off

In addition to owning a curling iron with adjustable settings, you need an iron that automatically shuts off when it is not in use. Not everyone is extremely careful. Hence, you could forget to turn off your curling iron after using it. Without the auto-off feature, your curling iron can most likely start a fire. But, with an auto-off feature, the iron would go off after a while. 

Harry Josh Curling Iron FAQs

1. What is the best Marcel curling iron?

The best marcel curling iron is the harry josh pro tools 2-in-1 ceramic marcel curling iron. It is popular among professional hairstylists. Also, Allure’s executive beauty director, Jenny Bailly, seems to be in love with it too. 

2. How can I get Harry Josh curling iron on sale?

Dermstore is a great place to purchase the Harry josh curling Iron. It comes with full descriptions and honest reviews. You would get good deals from the Dermstore sale Harry josh curling iron. 

3. What are Marcel curls?

Marcel Curls are hairstyles that were first introduced in the 19th century. It is achieved with the aid of curling thongs and they give bobs a softer look. Luckily, you can still achieve the marcel curls with the marcel curling iron from Harry Josh.

4. How do you get uniform waves?

So many factors can get in the way of you getting really uniform curls like heat damage to people with curly hair. Nevertheless, you can create uniform curls by finger coiling.


Want to get amazing beach waves tight or loose curls? Don’t stress it. There is an easier way to get the perfect curls regardless of your hair type.

With either of the harry josh pro tools curling irons, you can make magic curls wherever you are in the world and whenever. And curls work well on layered hair so you may wanna try that out.

You no longer need to take those inconvenient trips to the salon again. Simply grab one of harry josh curling iron and create your desired curls in the comforts of your home.

If you need more information on the reviewed products, visit other websites. This action would help you make a more informed and sound decision. 

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