Top 25 Best Women Hair Color Options in 2021

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Hi, ladies! Maybe you’re bored with your current hair color you’re currently wearing and contemplating a change? Why not check out our list of the 25 best women hair color options? I’m sure you’re going to love our hair color ideas!

Reviews of 25 Best Women Hair Colors in 2020

Miscellaneous – Women Hair Color

1. Red-Brown Hair

Blending colors is currently the trend right now. If you think blonde is getting boring and like to spice things up, why not go for this lovely red-brown color?

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2. Spiral Galaxy Lavender Magenta

Galaxy hair is achieved by mixing various blue, red, pink and purple colors to mimic the look of the distant galaxies. Remember seeing photos taken of outer space? There are various shades as the age of the star is altered by space dust.

It takes from 3 to 5 hours at the hair salon to get this look, so plan ahead! The fashion colors need proper care with special color shampoo. While washing, be sure to use cold water. 

This is probably the most creative women hair color! Source

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3. Bold Colored, Two-Toned Purple and Blue Hair

Blue purple hair combines the two cool-toned colors using different shades and intensities. The combo became trendy thanks to the popularization of Demi Lovato and Katy Perry, being inspired by the colors of the galaxies. 

This color is ideal for girls who are bored with the daily hair routine and would like a major change!

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4. Two-Toned Hair – Concentrating Color onto Fringe

Wanting to combine 2 colors into one head of hair without going over the top? Why not focus the color on the fringe? It’ll create a nice contrast.

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5. Platinum Blonde with Purple Roots

Platinum blonde hair goes well with those who have tanned skin. Also, the icy color creates a mesmerizing look.

The darker roots colored purple give your hair extra volume and style. It gives an impression that the purple hair melts into the platinum hair.

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Brown Hair – Women Hair Color

6. Light Ash Brown

Yes, brunettes can get stylist too! Ash brown is a fine combination of brunette and gray shades; this color errs on the lighter side. This hair dye is cool-toned and suits all skin colors. 

This color is a great option for both a blonde looking to go dark and a brunette wanting to shake things up. 

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7. Platinum Brown Balayage

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘balayage’ is basically a hair coloring technique in which the color is applied horizontally by hands to create natural-looking highlights, similar to a sun-lighted effect around the face.

Brown balayage combines blondes, caramels, chocolates, light brown, coffee, and mahogany tones. 

You could also see that adding a few layers help with the hair shape too.

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8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate brown hair is a brunette hair color that mimics the shades of chocolate candies – which are smooth, rich and delicious! There are a variety of shades to choose from: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa, spicy chocolate, and even raspberry-tinted chocolate. 

If you have olive or dark skin, this glossy brown color would highlight your features. 

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9. Mahogany Brown

Mahogany hair color is a combination of brown and red shades – ranging from deep browns to rich reds. The mahogany shade resembles that of mahogany wood – looking dimensional and beautiful. 

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Brown Hair with Red Highlights – Women Hair Color

10. Chocolate Brown Hair with Crimson Red Highlights

Brown hair with red highlights makes for a head-turning look. There are different shades of brown – ranging from light to dark, and red colors such as copper, auburn, and burgundy. Feel free to pick one of your own liking!

If you’re looking for a seamless combination of the two colors, go for chestnut, mahogany, black cherry, or rosewood!

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11. Ash Brown Hair with Maroon Highlights

The ashy light mocha color fits well with the hair, whereas the maroon highlights are akin to rusty warm streaks. They help accentuate the waves and curls – making it a versatile look. 

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12. Caramel Brown Hair with Dark Red Highlights

The hair color is a good mix of bright red hues. The style looks fresh and bright. The added dimension and movement are perfect for the autumn season. 

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13. Brownish Red Hair with Deep Red Highlights

This mix of deep red colors adds depth to your hair – be it of any length or texture. Also, the hair at the bottom is painted a lighter shade to create a light and soft finish. 

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Ash Blonde Balayage Hair – Women Hair Color

14. Medium Ash Blonde

This wavy hair has got a good color combination with dirty blonde and ashy brown hue. The roots are dyed a darker shade to create contrast. With this hair color, it is important that you condition it well after every hair care session. 

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15. Ash Dark Double Blonde Balayage

The ash blonde balayage gives your hair a wintery shade – very eye-catching! This shade of blonde has a hint of gray and hence is more cool-toned as opposed to warmer tones like a golden blonde.

The cool tones go well with those whose skin has peachy undertones; however the color can be tweaked to flatter warm complexions as well.

This hair dye makes the wearer come across as cool and edgy. 

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16. Ash Grey Blonde

The gray hair trend is here to stay. There are many different shades of grey – from ultra-shiny to metallic; but the most dramatic change is probably ash grey, a mysterious color. 

Ash grey is towards the darker end of the gray spectrum. For having a neutral and cool undertone, its smoky hues work well on most hair texture and skin complexions. 

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Strawberry Blonde Hair – Women Hair Color

17. Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

This strawberry blonde color is ideal for those who are undecided between being a blonde and a redhead. 

Ombre is a color fading effect in which the hair color goes from stronger to milder intensities. In this case, the hair roots are colored orange hue and then it becomes strawberry blonde. 

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18. Sweet Strawberry Reddish Blonde

Sweet strawberry reddish blonde hair has a warm tone that works best on fair-skinned girls. Your head of hair ends up looking much like a cinnamon bun. 

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19. Warm Strawberry Blonde

This color shade suits all skin tones and looks great with curls or straight. Consider adding highlights to spice things up. 

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20. Dark Blonde Hair with Strawberry Highlights

This strawberry blonde color is ideal for those who are undecided between being a blonde and a redhead. It is a hybrid of light red and warm blonde shades – which work best on people with fair skin and light-colored eyes.

Something cool about this hair color is that it looks like one color in some light and another color in a darker light. 

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Pastel Purple Hair – Women Hair Color

21. Dark to Light Pastel Purple Ombre

This pastel purple hair color has become an object of affection for many due to its creativity and versatility. To make it even more awesome, why not color the roots a darker color to make it ombre!?

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22. Amethyst Pastel

Wanting to opt for a one-of-a-kind hair color? Why not choose the amethyst pastel that has pink undertones!? 

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23. Pastel Periwinkle

Wanting to replicate the color of the sky on your hair? Opt for a pastel periwinkle. It’s a dreamy pastel blue color with lavender undertones that work best on platinum hair. The color is on the lighter side – no darker than level 9. 

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24. Unicorn Hair with Purple

This hair color transforms your hair into a rainbow of magical shades while protecting the strands silky smooth. The pigment gives the hair an intense color result – turning you into a real-life unicorn. 

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25. Pastel Lilac

If you prefer colors on the lighter side, why not go for the pastel purple color!? Being the most searched keyword on Pinterest and with more than 200,000 posts tagged on Instagram, ‘lilac hair’ is the hottest color right now. 

Maybe you’re hesitant to bleach your hair, consider talking to your colorist about having a wig custom dyed. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Women Hair Color

Favorite color(s)

It’s a good idea to first go with your guts. We all have certain colors we particularly like and trying to incorporate that into our hair would be cool.

Skin tone

Although it may be very tempting to follow the latest hair trend, it is best to choose a hair color that best complements your skin tone – to be more specific, the warmth or coolness of the color should match your unique skin tone.

First ask yourself: “What is my skin tone?”. A good way to find out is which colors of shirt you look best in. If it’s yellow or orange, you likely have a warm skin tone. If it’s blue or green, you likely have a cool skin tone. And if you look good in both, your skin tone is likely neutral.

From there, you could start choosing hair colors: warm skin tones pair well with warm colors, and so on.

Highlight colors

Most of what we’ve talked about concerns the base color of your hair. Most people also do highlights, balayage, ombre, and so on, and hence choosing the colors is also important. Again, it’s about finding a balance between choosing a color that goes well with your skin tone and choosing one that you like.

To add waves to these highlights, try using a silk press flat iron or a steam flat iron.

Women Hair Color FAQs

What hair color is trending in 2020?

There are different hair colors on trend in 2020, which are: dark honey-blonde, glossy-brown, golden highlights, silver-blonde, lilac, caramel highlights, dip-dye ends, chocolate-brown, rich-red, and shadow roots. 

What is the most attractive hair color for a woman?

Most polls find that the most attractive hair color for women is brown hair.

What is the hairstyle for 2020?

The hairstyles currently on trend in 2020 are: ‘70s bangs, the Rachel, asymmetrical lob, chin-length, modern shag, rounded ‘fro, short bangs, and the new pixie. 

What color of hair is in style?

The hair colors that are in style are: bold roots, chocolate truffle, wheat blonde, orchard red, strawberry blonde, black and almost-black. 

What are the new colors for 2020?

The new colors for 2020 are: warm mocha, deeper walnut, orange, candy floss, neon pink, and unicorn hair. 

Conclusion – Women Hair Color

So, you’ve browsed through the 25 best hair colors for women in 2020 as well as extra tips to help you pick the most suited color. Maybe you’ve set your eyes upon one or two colors and can’t wait to head to the nearest salon for your hairdo

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