3 Things Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet

So what are these essentials that every gal should have in her closet? It’s stuff that you’re always wearing and using, but you never think about, and some other things that are super nice to have handy at all times. Let’s get started.

1. Black Dress

black dress

Ok, on how many occassions do we use a black dress? For some of us, it’s A LOT, for others only once in a while. But having that perfect black dress always handy is sooo important.

2. No show socksno show socks

Ok, how great are these? Especially during the warmer months! I hate going barefoot and getting blisters and sores so a pair of the best no show socks is the best option by far!

3. Black tights

black tights

Ok (I say OK a lot don’t I?) – These are pretty much essential. Black tights can go with any and everything and having them handy is always a stress reliever! Make sure to stock up!